An Inferno Lighter is the Modern Choice

If you're a smoker who usually uses matches or a butane lighter to light your cigarette or cigar, you will know only too well how your enjoyment can be badly affected by a bad lighter. The taste of butane in one's mouth is not very nice at all, while sulfur matches give off that familiar odour that everyone around you can smell as well. The good news is that there is a new type of lighter that has none of these irritating attributes, while also being attractive as a stand alone chic accessory to your fashionable image.

The cool item in question, is the Inferno Lighter. It was designed by engineers to be of a much higher standard and as such is much lighter than stainless steel devices. Despite this, its exterior of zinc alloy means that it is also very durable and unlikely to break or scratch. You will hardly notice it in your pocket but at the same time can rest assured that it hasn't been crushed. When you do get it out, you will love its classy exterior look - especially the unique flip top that has the beam-emitting nodes within it.

Of course, you might not be too bothered about how it looks. Fortunately, the practicality of the device is one of its main advantages. It is rechargeable by connecting to a USB port on any laptop or work desktop. More importantly, it charges rapidly and lasts a long time before it needs doing again.

In terms of uniqueness, it is the dual-beam technology that makes this lighter stand out in more ways than one. It could be straight out of a Sci-Fi movie! Two beams are emitted from the nodes and cross to form an X shape that lights the cigarette. So unlike a standard flame or butane lighter, there is no hassle in lighting up when it's windy or rainy. No more shielding the lighter flame for 20 seconds in every conceivable posture!

In the long run the Inferno Lighter will also save you money as you only need to purchase it once. For a trendy, durable and practical device, you can't go wrong.